Friday, December 14, 2012

Being Your Angelic Self

The present moment where you are now in your body and all around and about you, you have the capacity to be connected to those beings that you visit every time you sleep. You always visit your angels and your guides, Creator is often present, and you talk about things, you feel things and you're reminded about why you chose, as a soul, to live this life. It is again explained to you - this happens thousands of times but you are comforted by the explanation. 

It is explained about instinct and feelings which is really something you understand as feelings when you are your non-physical soul spirit - and your body sleeps at this point you understand - but when you merge back into your body completely refreshed from that conversation you don't always remember it mentally. In fact the way you remember it initially, when you wake up gradually, is through a benevolent feeling. 

Read about feelings and instinct on the written blogs Benevolent Magic and A Mystical Man's World. Read it from the beginning so you have some knowledge of these things and can comfort yourself and others with reminders of who you really are.

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