Friday, October 31, 2014

Spirit Walkers

Now there are some places in China and Southeast Asia where there are very large beetles being seen - unusually large. I want you to know what this is about.

These are the Old Ones. In times gone past, in the distant past, there were such beetles on the Earth and what they did is that they would bless the earth. 

They would have the ability to connect to Creator and those who could see would see them glow in gold light especially around their feet and their job was to walk in places and bless and transform the land so that the land would be prepared for other lifeforms. So these beings have emerged again at times. 

I know there is some belief that this has been caused by warfare and in some rare cases when such a beetle is seen and they are distorted, their body is strange, this might be the situation but it could also be that they are old ones. 

So I am asking as a special favor for Planet Earth and for all her peoples of all types whether they be two legged or four legged or many legged that those seeing these beings just let them go on about their way. 

If they are frightening you, just keep your distance but know that they are attempting to do what they did in those olden times. They are connecting with Creator energy - and this will be seen by those who can see and they have these kind of visions - there will be gold light around their bodies and especially in their legs and they will be walking on the ground transforming it and making it safe for other peoples. And by other peoples I mean two leggeds, four leggeds and yes, many leggeds. 

So let them be. Know that beetles in general do this all over the world but these big ones are from another time, another world when this planet was complete and total beauty everywhere. 

So let them be. When they are done with their work they will simply return to their own time. They will no longer be seen. So, I ask this of you if it is possible and know that these beings mean you no harm. 



celine albert said...
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celine albert said...

goodlife Robert, hug.

celine albert said...

goodlife. Robert, hug

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Celine.