Monday, March 28, 2016

Helping Yourself as a Walk-In, Part 1

One of the important ways to help yourself, as a walk-in once you’ve realized it, is to do disentanglement which can help you to let go of things that might otherwise hold you back.

There are several things that can be beneficial to disentangle from as a walk-in. Your attitudes and opinions, your memories and your actions and your lack of actions. 

All these things in the past can make a gap in your experience at the least or more likely something that you keep trying to resolve over and over again and this can create, very often, difficult similar situations as occurred for the previous soul. 

You actually have a job to do when you come in. Not only are you bringing with you capabilities and to a minor degree, ambitions to accomplish but you are also performing a job to help clear the physical body you are entering in and to allow release of things that have occurred and that are in the past and from which your body continues to suffer because of memories, attitudes and opinions and so on.

Thus you can do a good job for the physical body that you’re entering and ultimately have a much better chance for a happy life.

In part 2 next time, probably on Thursday, March 31, I’ll say more about disentanglement for walk-ins. Goodlife


Jennifer Hodges said...

Oh brilliant..that was very helpful, thanks Robert! I always thought the walk in stuff was a bunch of hooey, until I started getting specific messages pointing me towards this topic. That was a little while back & I've been waiting for your book ever since, which I know is now available (I'll be getting soon). The disentanglement exercise I have found fantastic & this info about possibly having a purpose to clear the body makes a lot of sense, & is motivating too! :)

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for your comment Jennifer. I'm glad it's working for you.