Saturday, April 16, 2016

Feeling Better

Sometimes when things seem a little bleak there are things we can do to help our bodies to feel better. Here’s a good reminder about something you could do anytime. Feeling the effect in your body of the physical feeling of gratitude can be helpful. 

I’m going to give you a little reminder of that here via this link. I hope it works for you.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Walk-In’s Are The Inheritors

Walk-In’s are the inheritors of what went before. You arrive rather suddenly and you are in a world that has been set up for you, or has it? 

Maybe it’s because, as a soul, you wanted a challenge. Generally speaking, souls that choose to become walk-in’s are well prepared to handle the change having gone through many lifetimes to have prepared them for this experience because what you find is what is left unresolved from the previous soul in that body but also very often you’ll find good things. 

Perhaps a good reputation, a body in good condition, a swift and good thinking mind. Sometimes though it’s a challenging situation you find and thus the preparations you’ve had in other lives and the physical instinctual experience you bring with you may help to resolve what needs to be resolved when you arrive. 

In order to fulfill that responsibility, you need to remember as a walk-in that your instinct is probably going to be your best friend. So try to learn all you can about that and towards that end, I provide you with these video links. 

First lets learn something about sensitivity on these short videos. Sensitivity is a foundational aspect that you are born with to introduce you to physical life on Earth: followed by this

Then this if you want to know more about instinct and learn how you can use it. You could follow it up with this, if you like. 

For something particularly helpful these days so that you can know physically what is true for you and what may be for others but not for you at that time or ever, I recommend these 3 short videos. The first one will help you to know what is true for you. Then part 2 to learn about that which is not true for you taught to you by your own physical body. After that here is the last part of this instinct lesson.

There is much more teaching you can find by clicking on the label “Instinct” on the following blogs: Explorer Race, A Mystical Man’s World and Benevolent Magic if you wish to know more and even learn enough to share with others.

Always know that there is much knowledge and wisdom on these blogs, be it on the written parts before the videos came along or the posts with the videos. If I am not available to answer your questions you can always check the blogs. The answer may be there. Some of you may find the answers you are seeking on the books as you might find here on Light Technology or here as well.

I wish you well on your spiritual path. Goodlife