Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Physical Communication

Have you noticed how physical these times are now. Of course in your physical life that’s perfectly obvious but there are also issues going on that seem to be confusing, and misunderstandings between family members and friends and even governments are almost typical, aren’t they. 

What is happening is that you are moving out of an intellectual time in to a physical time and what that means simply is this. 

When words are used to describe, say an object, you can use all the words that are understandable to anybody in their own language and yet, even though there seems to have been communication there may not be complete understanding because these times require greater physicality. 

Mother Earth is expressing her physicality in many ways, sometimes uncomfortably and sometimes human beings do that too especially when they don’t understand something or they have misunderstood something. 

So - this is what is needed, say in the description of an object, after you have described this object and the other person seems to be nodding because they understand your words - they may not fully understand it until they can touch that object or have a feeling of that object touching them and then they will completely understand. 

Physical perception now, is vital to your understanding your life all around you and in order for you to be able to fully experience that you will need to have, not the experiences of others but that extra version of communication which is what you see, what you touch or what touches you - okay -  or what you might even smell, a fragrance perhaps. In short, you will need to use all your senses - not just what you think.

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