Saturday, September 16, 2017


In these times one has to be clear about values, that which you hold dear. I recommend benevolent* values - meaning very simply that benevolence for you and yours, meaning family and close friends, and benevolence for all others is the way.

It won’t be an easy path but it’s the path I recommend. You will catch yourself many times thinking things that are dramatic and maybe even conflicting within yourself or even externally, arguing about little things, not things that are essential meaning food, shelter, best health possible.

So, I’m gonna to recommend that you keep it simple also. Watch as little news on television as possible. You’ll find that reading the news, in whatever is your language, might actually be better because the people that put out news in print are sometimes, not always, but sometimes less involved in making things dramatic when they’re not.

It is seductive for broadcasters of television or other video to make things dramatic so that people will watch. But these days those who publish words are sometimes less involved in the dramatic.

You’ll have to decide whether drama and excitement is more important than benevolence. Keep in mind that if benevolence does not include, not just as an ideal but as a practice, all other human beings on the planet that it will reduce the benevolence for all, including yourself.

This is not a punishment, it is simply that the more people that are experiencing benevolence the healthier everybody is. The less people that are experiencing benevolence the unhealthier in various ways everybody is.

It’s not complicated. Just a reminder to let you know that for life to go on it must go on as well as possible, meaning as benevolent as possible, for all human beings on Earth. Goodlife

*Good and kind.

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