Sunday, October 19, 2008

...Continuing On Infinity

Here is more of my conversation with a reader here about infinity. I have reproduced part of his comment and questions based upon the last part of that interaction we had.

Readers comment and question: have indicated that it is possible to experience infinity by feelings . Just to confirm once again that we are in the same line of thoughts , and I am missing anything

take example of this earth, which is very small part of the infinity of trillions of creation
if you consider experience as feelings , emotions , thoughts , sensations , physicality, beingness . awareness etc
moment to moment for entire life for a perticular living organism
so in short experience is not just feeling but whatever is possible and runs through consciousness of the individual entity .
for example in one life of say 80-90 years, the person experiences those many years with variety of experiences in feeling , sensation , pleasures , pain , emotions , different awareness , moods etc

1) So it will be possible to experiences for all say 6 Billion plus people which are physical ( which may be just 2% of explorer race ) and nonphysical explorer race experiences for all lifetimes on earth
2) and of all complete experiences of the several million species of plants , animal , insects , ocean life which is in earth for all their life times
3) experiences of trillions/zillions of particles in this earth plane and other living entity in earth

if one person can experience so much in just one life time so, if any one able to experience the almost infinite number of species
and individual consciousness across trillions or trillions of creations then the the person overall experience is multiplied
by almost infinite ...and I bet nothing can match the magnitude of this experience and it can be highest achievement of any entity to experience this almost infinity of expressions .

My answer:

This is the simple answer and it's the best answer for any human being really is what I feel.

Infinity is a feeling. It is not meant to tap into all of the experiences of others because when you do that there is a possibility that you will take on what they are actually feeling or what they felt during their lives given a past life for instance. This is something that you as a total being may not be able to properly process and therefore you will be shielded from that experience.

Infinity however gives you a feeling of vastness and this vastness allows you to touch in briefly in the most benevolent way and in the way that would only be helpful for you or others into the lives of others. You don't have a direct connection. You have a connection through enough shields and veils so that you are protected and they are protected.

This includes a past life you understand because beyond linear time, time is not so much of a factor. I will say something soon on one of my blogs, probably Explorer Race blog about Spherical Time which will build a little bit on that but for now I'd say touching into the lives of others must be done very carefully for yourself and for them. So I recommend you always do that using Benevolent Magic, Living Prayer or True Magic. In that way all beings will be safe.

For Benevolent Magic you might say, "I request that I be insulated and protected in my contacting gently..." then you put in a name or describe an individual or a group or a place or a time " the most benevolent way and that that which I am contacting also be insulated and protected from me or any disruption I may unintentionally cause in order to develop greater compassion for the experience of another (or others) and that this will all happen in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

In the case of a Living Prayer you might say something a little simpler. You might say, "I am asking that all beings including myself be insulated and protected from harm as I attempt in the most benevolent way to touch into the lives, places or experiences of others so that I might develop and expand my capacity to be compassionate and supportive of all beings."

If you're not sure what process to use you might try to simply extend your energy through the sun in the sky and ask or request to have the most benevolent understanding of another persons experience in the most benevolent way for you. That's a bit of a shortcut you can use, if you like, that will be safe for all beings. Goodlife.

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