Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why I Say Goodlife

Robert Shapiro describes how and when he learned to say goodlife. It has to do with having an awareness with and towards Mother Nature and all beings.


Lynda said...

Dear Robert,
Thank you for this delightful story. As a child & young person, I always greeted the trees in my life, but never heard their response. Now, I use 'Goodlife' as my greeting to all the animals, birds, trees, plants & creatures I come upon. Once, after my 'Goodlife', a ground squirrel stopped and focused his attention on me. I followed up with a question that you have taught us to ask on the sharing of something about the other's life. Well, I received a sweet bit of information from this being-that I heard CLEARLY!
Thank you so much for teaching us to communicate with our world and also for today's charming story on the origins of this blessing.


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Lynda for sharing your wonderful experience.


Kirsten K said...

Oh, that's good to know! And that hiking trail sounds wonderful, I'd like to give it a whirl sometime. Thank you and...


Robert Shapiro said...

Goodlife Kirsten K.