Friday, December 5, 2014

Who You’ve Been

Now it’s time to tell you something that I feel is important for you to know and that is simply this: Every human being on this planet now has been in previous lives every human race upon this planet now including some races that are no longer on the planet. Died out or were moved off from the planet to other planets in the past. 

Oh that’s a long story but I will just say this for now. When you’re feeling slightly uncomfortable with whatever other race of being you’re thinking about or if someone is slightly uncomfortable with you because of the way you appear keep in mind that fact I said: That everyone has been everything.

Now, I’m not trying to say that you’ve been a tree or that you’ve been a snail. Lets just keep it simple, in terms of your souls or spirits you’re not allowed to incarnate on the planet at this time nor have you been allowed to incarnate any time within the last 400 years if you had not been incarnated on other planets - alright - as all of the races that are on this planet.

Now the reason its happened on other planets is that, regardless of what you’ve been told you have not had thousands of lives here on this planet though you may well have had thousands of lives. 

The reason you haven’t had thousands of lives on this planet is that this is a teaching planet and no one really has the privilege to go to school here more than once. I know that’s controversial but that is the fact.

I wish you all well and I know you’re not all going to believe this but it is so as you will find out at some benevolent point in the future.



Chris said...

May I translate this text into Brazilian-Portuguese? I'm amazed. Thank you for all you do. Love Grandfather!!

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Chris,

Yes, feel free my friend.


Chris said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity! Here's the translation into Brazilian-Portuguese, in case you want to use it.

Por Grandfather (Através de Robert Shapiro, o canal)

Agora é hora de dizer-lhes algo que eu sinto que é importante para vocês saberem e que é simplesmente isto: Todo ser humano neste planeta agora tem estado em vidas anteriores, cada raça humana neste planeta agora, incluindo algumas raças que não estão mais no planeta. [As raças] morreram ou foram movidas para fora do planeta para outros planetas no passado.

Oh, isso é uma longa história, mas eu só vou dizer isso por enquanto. Quando você está se sentindo um pouco desconfortável com qualquer outra raça de seres você está pensando, ou se alguém está um pouco desconfortável com você por causa da maneira que você se parece, tenha em mente o fato de que eu disse que: Todo mundo tem sido tudo.

Eu não estou tentando dizer que você foi uma árvore ou que você foi um caracol. Vamos apenas manter [tudo] simples, em termos de suas almas ou espíritos, você não está autorizado a encarnar no planeta neste momento, nem tem sido autorizado a encarnar em qualquer momento nos últimos 400 anos, se você não tivesse sido encarnado em outros planetas – okay? – assim como todas as raças que estão neste planeta.

A razão que aconteceu em outros planetas é que, independentemente do que você tenha sido dito, você não teve milhares de vidas aqui neste planeta embora você pode muito bem ter tido milhares de vidas.

A razão pela qual você não teve milhares de vidas neste planeta é que este é um planeta de ensino e ninguém realmente tem o privilégio de ir à escola aqui por mais de uma vez. Eu sei que isto é polêmico, mas é o fato.

Desejo-lhes tudo de bom e eu sei que nem todos vocês vão acreditar nisso, mas é assim, como vocês vão descobrir em algum momento benevolente no futuro.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Shapiro, thank you for your massage.It is an interesting point you make for in looking at my own experience I have found that much of the challenges one is facing are directly because of the "negative circumstances" of those soul personalities/aspects. I was just hoping for some of the positive ones to surface more. Hey ho! it's not called a teaching planet for nothing. Many thanks for your kindness and all the best.

Unknown said...

hello Robert,
thank you, May i share this ?

Kirsten K said...

This is a beautiful planet, - good to have the one life here... Thank you!

Robert Shapiro said...

Goodlife Raphael.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hello Celine,

Feel free to share.


Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for your comment Kirsten.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Chris, I decided to publish it here. Hope that's okay with you.
It is Grandfather's teachings and influence and also other that I like to write about here.

Chris said...

Oh absolutely! :) I did for you and Grandfather, and to benefit others who speak Portuguese as I find this information so liberating. I shared the text in my website and a Google community as well and many saw, liked and were positively intrigued.

Goodlife!! :)

Robert Shapiro said...

For Jennifer H.
I am glad you are interested in these things. I know I haven't answered your questions yet but as I've said to others at times: If I don't answer your questions immediately it is because I'm either thinking about them or I'm working on other things and I'll get around to answering them in time. If I haven't answered them in a year, re-phrase them and ask them again.
Keep in mind I am only one person working on all of this.

Ascension Armada said...

Hello Robert,

I have found that your work fills many a gap that we might not otherwise know of in our heritage and destiny. Have read a wide cross-section until it (with the help of other fellow travelers living on Gaia) jogged my own memory. Thanks for the info base. It's helped me to channel.

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