Thursday, June 4, 2015

Regarding Questions On My Blogs

I am glad you are all interested in these things. I know I may not have answered your questions yet but as I've said to others at times: If I don't answer your questions immediately it is because I'm either thinking about them or I'm working on other things and I'll get around to answering them in time. If I haven't answered them in a year, re-phrase them and ask them again. 

Occasionally the questions will be answered in some form in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Keep in mind I am only one person working on all of the blogs and the videos and more.



Rapha P said...

Thank you sir for your kind message. The world and it's problems can sometimes feel heavy on our shoulders but with a little patience I believe our doors will eventualy open for us. Thank you dear sir. Good life.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Raphael.

casa-de-jen said...

Well, I just wanted to put this out there today. Not so much regarding your post here Robert, but just as a general comment. Wanted to give some of my energy back to you & it may be of some interest :)

You know, I came very late to this material, in terms of how long it had already been published for...I stumbled across The Explorer Race series only last year (2014)! I had googled for something kind of esoteric that I was then interested in, to see if I could find any more information on it. A string of things came up on google, one of which was a site called thought..what a nice name!

I went into this site & found the reference I'd been searching for, which was within a kind of amazing timeline of Earth's history, gleaned from channeled sources. The author of the site had just put it all together (she had lots of other things on the site besides this) - I happily started reading through it....just my cup of tea!
I had heard of some of the sources & not others...had read some of them too. Got interested in a couple of things & went off & looked into them...then I would come back & keep going through the timeline. Then I came across a quote, which referenced The Explorer Race...I liked the quote (can't remember it now), but I particularly liked this term..The Explorer Race...I thought, now THAT sounds interesting. After all, I always related to Star Trek & pretty much any sci-fi, so I immediately liked the term 'The Explorer Race'. It spoke to something deep in me, is my guess now!

Well, I ordered that first book & right off I found it a little tricky to get into - I found the Zeta info off putting, I think was one thing. I had the usual judgements against that race & it just was not the kind of info I was normally drawn to. However, I decided to persist, even though the material was bumping up against my then belief systems quite a bit. I persisted because I'd come up against this kind of hurdle before, reading other things, had worked through it, & it had paid off & my world had opened I thought, maybe it will happen again?!

casa-de-jen said...

Continued :-
Well, by about half way through that book I knew I'd struck gold...I started to feel happy (well, much happier than I'd been) & I've stayed happy ever least in this area of my life...which for me has really been my main focus, ie : What is actually going on, why is there suffering, & do I have a purpose here? I have been reading this series & your other series ever since, with unflagging enthusiasm & have never for one second felt disappointed. Everything I had read, studied & had to go through & work out internally during the last 20 years, or so, had prepared me for actually 'getting' this information. Thank heavens I'd done all that other stuff!!

I'd followed my muse & it had worked out spectacularly well :D

So, just wanted to give some context for my heartfelt thanks Robert. Thank you! No doubt this has been said many many times over to you, but I'm amazed every day at the level of communicatons you've brought through!
I really appreciate Melody's questions too - her unflagging curiosity has been wonderful to behold. She is brilliant!
Love Zoosh to absolute bits & Isis is wonderful too. I pretty much love everyone, but Zoosh is a most wonderful guide & counsellor..he knows exactly how to say things in a way that gets through to me - he is special to my heart.

Robert, you've mentioned that you want to leave the world a better place - that simple statement has inspired me to keep trying to do this too, & to always endeavour to be benevolent. You have definitely succeeded, in my little world at least! Your books contain so many answers to so many questions - all the biggies have been covered, from my perspective. I'm assuming, I guess, that you agree with & like everything you've channeled, or the bulk of it...

Don't worry, I'm not guruising you (been there, done that in my 20's :D). No pedestal stuff, but just deep appreciation & quiet (for the most part) amazement for this most beneficial, benevolent & beautiful information, & everything & everyone it took, to get it out into the just keeps on keeping on at making the world a more benevolent place :)

Jenny H.

casa-de-jen said...

PS: I have more books to go & am yet to read the shamanic series - my feeling is that I will be reading & re-reading & putting into practise, all this information for a long time to come. It will take time to really anchor some of it, I'm thinking. We have a funny term here (Australia)...& that is, that if you think something will be never say it is like painting the Harbour Bridge - it takes 3 full years to paint the bridge & then they turn straight around & start again! So this is my neverending story...well, that's how it feels now anyway...& in a good way :D

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Jennifer, thank you for sharing your process and your steps along your path. I feel it is helpful and may be encouraging to others.
I wish you well my friend and I appreciate your expressions of gratitude and I'm sure the beings I channel feel inclined in a similar fashion to respecting and honoring you as a being.

Unknown said...

dear robert
Thank you for the work you do and the help you bring to beings that resonate with channeling work......helping and loving all beings in this corrupt world we live in on and I met on july 20th, 2014.....we spoke on Sri and Kira's radio show, that day , ( I never listened to that show again...go figure?......... I was kinda ill and wanted to hear loving words from strangers .. yes..but i know we are all one..connected energeticaly....hope i spelled it right!.

I Céline Albert asked you one question, that next day, after finding you....because even though i agreed to your visit and help that you offered me on the show...without knowing your name and who you were, because i had missed the beginning of the show.... no, sorry i had to wait a few days after the show, because i had to listen to it over again to know who you are?and write to you, wich i did..i had one question.:
The question : the night you said you were coming to help me, i was skeptic? no doubtfull,....anyway, when bedtime came, i walked upstairs to my bedroom , and before i sat on the bed..a huge black or very dark colored whasp like feature insect but no yellow lines on body, a little taller than me appeared in front of me...........Now, you had told me on the show to: from now on sleep with the light on.......that night i did! and after accepting your presence i guess... the light went out....i wanted to shutt the light off, tried to extend my arm to do so ..but i was paralysed....then i felt you come in ..then i fell asleep..... I am so upset to not remeber what happened after.....because i want to know and i feel i am worthy of respect and explanations....i will keep to myself if that's what you are afraid of...i want to thAT SO MYSTERIOUS...
I am LOVE, i am . that's all i know.........Robert i wrote to 2 shamman sites and asked about this insect that came inside that a sin?...Both sites never answered my question and even removed it from the queestion page? how mean is that? That's not love to me...nor is it respectfull. I've come to the conclusion that i don't care if you anser or's been 11 months, you never answered and yes, it broke my heart for a few days... so were is the benevolence? sorry Robert, i still enjoy your stories and truths, it's just i feel i had to speak my heart to you today, on this rainy sunday again..... love from the province of québec, canada, and oh! how i wish i was in Barbados or st.martin or somewhere.
Robert, i only travelled once in my life , to see the oceann and palm trees, and smilling faces once in my 62 years of life on this planet..i went to barbados with my brother and sister in law in 2010, for a week, after my father passes away. i was afraid of going on the plane but i made it and i didn't want to leave that place, i cried for days when i came back here... i am so poor financially and always have been, money and me, never seemed to be attracted to each other...I never understood why we have to pay to live on this planet?....anyway, if you want to answer..please do...if you don't don' day i will know, love is the answer, that's all i know....
Your friend

Rapha P said...

Dear Mr Shapiro, i have been reading some of John Lash's insights from the Nag Hammadi texts concerning the archons. I have read just about most of your books (im a big fan) and I can't seem to connect the dots between his take on the archons (fear feeders as it were and soul manipulaters) and the SSG. I wonder if your aware of Mr Lash's work? Not wishing to dwell too much on the negative(although to be informed of the pitfalls and traps is healthy to know in my opinion so that we can do something positive for those of who need it like the Living Prayer that you teach) so my question if you can answer is who in your opinion are the archons? Their negative influence seems profound so i was wondering if you knew anything about them to shed some light upon their implied influence? Thank you Mr Shapiro for your kind service and I wish you all the best. (Excuse me if you can't answer this question but there is no one I can imagine who i would ask this question to)
Kind regards

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Raphael,

I do not read anyone else's material and this is because I want to bring through what is new and unique or perhaps lost in time and I do not wish to be influenced by others.
For more information on this:

Rapha P said...

Oops sorry I forgot you said that. Much obliged all the same for your sincere answer. I guess it's part of our ego/psyche to seek to avoid the discomforting aspects of life. It's interesting also how curiosity of the human spirit seeks to uncover all aspects of life however challenging or ugly it is in order to experience it (and perhaps change it.) I guess we're not called the explorer race without reason. The "mucky mucks" of the universe didn't grandpa Zoosh say of us? Lol
Thank you Mr Shapiro once again for all your excellent work and service it has been a joy reading your books. Goodlife.

casa-de-jen said...

I wonder if it's ok to comment to Raphael, Robert? As I had done a bit of investigating/reading before I found the exceptional info of The Explorer Race & related series, I had heard of the Archons & I think they might be a similar thing to the Asuras? I'm wondering if they may pertain to the ER info re the neg Sirians sending back beings (timeline thing) to monkey with things? I just had this feeling about the 2nd D when I read Raphael's post. Anyway, just a thought - I suppose endeavouring to energetically link ourselves to that future benevolent time, bypassing these beings' reality, is the way to go?

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Jennifer, it's fine with me for you to comment to Raphael so I'm passing it on here.

Rapha P said...

Thank you Jennifer Hodges for your kind message. It's interesting trying to link the few sources of info that one comes across concerning our origins and present challenges. The pieces of the puzzle appear vast and intricate but if I understand the archons in their negative scheme have the ability to shunt the incarnation of people through to another incarnation on earth without going through the after life review. I don't get that impression (although I'm not sure about it) that the negative Syrians have this ability. Sorry if this is a little fear based so i understand if this comment doesn't get posted. Apologies.

casa-de-jen said...

No worries Raphael - it really is a big puzzle, isn't it! I have found so many answers in Robert's books, have to say. Mmm - didn't know about that aspect of the Archons yukky & hope it's not true! I didn't really read too much about them previously. The energies that are commented about, re aiding & abetting Hitler & others, in one, or some of the Shining The Light books (have you read?), I really think would fit the bill though. I do feel deep in myself that their (dark ones, or whatever) days are well & truly numbered...I do feel our progress is unstoppable now :)

Robert Shapiro said...

Celine, I published something here: before which was special for you but I thought I would add this as well here.

I feel I understand that the wasp came to you - as a spiritual person who has visions - because they were trying to get some information to me.

I now have that information and did good with it as you would approve of.

So you may have other visions. Know that sometimes they will happen on this planet and other times they will not so I recommend you do this. I recommend you say these words.

Relax and be quiet and do this at a time when it is quiet and say, “I am asking that my visions now be ones that will happen on the Earth in some way and that if it is disturbing - these visions - that I be able to relax into those good energies I feel and those energies will be able to help make it better.”

If you say those words I feel it will help and remember - you don’t have to continue to try and make it better. Let the energies do the work.


Unknown said...

Hello Robby
I am sorry for my impatience. Being 63 years old and feeling cold, still no heat for this house, winter is soon...I can use my visa card and buy a wood stove and pipes, that's at least 3,000,00.$ wow, + wood! as we say, i dunno..i just don't know. I did magic prayer and went to buy a lotorie ticket.many times...i won so far 10.00$ i know i worry too much, but being cold is a fact,

Thank you for answering, i found your answer this morning, one year later practictly! because your answer was not after my question, but after a few other letters you received. This morning you are with me.

Robby, i received a message thruogh my head last year, a soft male voice spoke to me saying , Stop worrying, we are on our way, stop worrying, eat what you want, do what you want, we are on our way. it seems so long ago, i know our time is different. i hope it's soon.

Robby, i can't seem to stop smoking, it's like a friend..weird isn't it.
you know, i had mixed feelings about you, Now i know, you are benevolent and kind. i had invited you to a valentine supper i had with friends 2years ago, you said you would be here in spirit, perhaps you were. because these friends , for about 5 years,they were here every weekend praticly. They were two men who loved each other... they do not come anymore, we didn't have the same thoughts on religion and spirituality, we never got angry, they just stopped coming around. i called them once a few months ago, it was cold.

Robert, Thank you, for your patience and kind words. I think of you often.
and i am truly sorry for being impatient towards you. I suppose living alone is not easy.For i am , in love with love

Sending you a hug, from the northeast mountains of Montreal, qué.Canada


Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Celine,
I read this thing from you and I have just done a special prayer blessing for you. A lot of good energy came through so I am hopeful it will bring about a better life for you.