Monday, June 19, 2023

Not Being Newsworthy

 Alright, this is Grandfather. I know many of you are alarmed at the behaviors you read about or hear about or perhaps even escape from these days from other peoples but try to remember something, unless you’re in the midst of frightening situations such as war or battlegrounds of some sort, what you will read about in the news is that which is making the news. 

Meaning generally things that are dramatic or exciting or important to know for urgent good reasons, in short the vast majority of what is going on is not making the news because it does not fall under those categories. 

Really look at your life. You might have urgencies, you might have dramas but there’s a good chance for you and many others - friends and family and many many others that your life is not newsworthy. 

So my suggestion to you is claim that title of not being newsworthy as a comforting solution to what is newsworthy, alright? It is okay to not be newsworthy, alright? That’s my reminder for today. Goodlife

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